How to Delete Photos on Twoo Forever

How to Delete Photos on Twoo Forever

Today there is a diverse number of platforms and social network applications focused specifically on the dating scene, these applications are capable of helping you find a future partner on the internet or a new friend or simply a person with whom you can start a conversation. all this from your smartphone device or from your computer. One of the applications that serve this purpose is Twoo.

What is the Twoo App about?

Like any other Twoo dating app is a social network that allows you to meet people from all over the world through its platform, the development of this application comes from Belgium and is focused especially on meeting couples, currently the Twoo social platform is available at more than 200 countries also counting on an approximate of 11.9 million users who are active monthly.

It is also the most popular dating application in countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Italy and India, it should be noted that Twoo is able to facilitate the search for a partner to users who are part of its community through certain search algorithms that take into account the location and interests of the user to facilitate finding a partner , a function somewhat similar to that offered by the Badoo platform

However, one of the most common drawbacks in people who enter Twoo is that they upload photos that they regret at some point of having uploaded, or that they want to delete to be able to replace them with others and do not know how, so they decide to choose for deleting the Twoo account and opening another, but this option can be somewhat tedious, so in this article we will teach you how to delete your photos in Twoo in an easy and simple way. Leggi tutto “How to Delete Photos on Twoo Forever”