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Mixing studio

Mixing studio

Mastering studio

Mastering studio

Mastering studio

Mastering studio

Recording studio

Recording studio

Sala prove oraria e giornaliera

Sala prove oraria e giornaliera

Mastering services

  • High end analog and digital mastering
  • Attended mastering
  • e-Mastering (*)
  • CD mastering
  • Stem mastering
  • Vinyl mastering
  • Mastered for iTunes
  • Re-Mastering
  • Vinyl - Tape - Dat full restoration and tranfer
  • Free mastering demo
  • RedBook & DDP creation


Mastering process is the last step of a music production, and it is a creative as well as technical process.
The mixdown will be narrowly checked; balance, eq and dynamic corrections apply when needed and when possible.
Mastering is about enhancing music to bring out the best elements of it, rather than changing it.
It is a common misconception that bad mixes can be fixed during mastering.
The reality is that only a good mixdown can be enhanced to sound amazing.
The workflow will develop in such a way the result would translate across the wider range of playback systems.
For best final results we recommend that the production will communicate with the mastering engineer.
Don't underestimate the mastering process which takes 30% of the whole music production, it has to be done by experienced engineers who will bring your music to the next level.
We could describe Mastering into 2 main process: first we correct and enhance mixdown and second we compile a record with its own PQ codes, ISRC codes, finally we create a certified support as Rebook CD or DDP Image.

e-Mastering payment

Mastering engineer

Giuseppe Zaccaria

Mastering equipment list

Room acoustic

  • Acoustical Neutral project by Livio Argentini


  • Guzauski-Swist GS3a monitoring system (The only one in Italy)
  • Livio Argentini handmade Hi-Fi speakers
  • CraneSong Avocet
  • Ultrasone HD2900


  • Forssell MDAC4
  • Forssell MADC2A
  • CraneSong Avocet

Clocking system

  • Apogee BigBen

Mastering console

  • Dangerous Master
  • Dangerous Liaison


  • Livio Argentini Monster eq
  • Dangerous Bax
  • KushAudio Clariphonic
  • D'anca Minipassive Program tube eqs

Compressors / Limiters

  • Daking Fet comp II Mastering pair
  • RupertNeveDesign Master Buss Processor
  • Pendulum PL2
  • Waves L2
  • TC Electronic PowerCore 6000 full mastering suite

Console desk

  • Sterilng Modular Plan A


  • Apple Mac Pro 8core 12 gb ram


  • Lynx AES16 pci-e

Cables & interconnects

  • Belden cables + Neutrik connectors

DVD / CD / DAT Recorder-Player

  • Tascam DV RA1000
  • Sony PCM-R500

DSD / PCM Recorder-Player

  • Korg MR2000

Power stabilizer & conditioner

  • Furman P-1400 AR E